Milkshake: Rarest Pink Pug on Globe w/ Baby Blue Eyes- Unicorn


the rarest (less than 100 in the world) and most renowned pink pug in the world, Milkshake the Pug “The Unicorn Pug”. His baby blue eyes and wrinkly pink nose help people reconnect with what matters and create a happy space where people forget their problems and laugh at his daily Instagram antics or cuddle and take photos of him in person.

With over 100k instagram followers, his owner can shed light on why Milkshake is a unique color and how he has garnered the attention of pet owners, bloggers, influencers and brands worldwide. As a pet model, he has worked with global food, home & lifestyle, fashion, and pet brands such as, Breitling, Pet Head, Smyths Toys, Tokyo Treat, and Peach Skin sheets.

Trained to work on shoots in the studio and on location, Milkshake was recently chosen to be the face of London Dog Week and his adverts can be seen all over London at tube and train stations and on billboards outside major department stores. **HE IS AVAILABLE FOR LIVE SHOOTS AND HIS PHOTOS ARE OPEN TO REPUBLISHING**

Owner Maria de Dozsa says, “When Milkshake was a puppy, I would take photos and videos of him on my phone just for fun and post them on Instagram. Most people had never seen a pink pug before and he grew a following very quickly. Companies started sending us products for him to promote and soon, we were being regularly paid to promote brands on his social media. I have always been a very creative person. Photography was my hobby from a young age and I work in marketing so I’ve really enjoyed bringing those things together while spending quality time with Milkshake.”