Mission: Rescue Pooh Pooh


Poo Poo

Hello Indiegogo, The purpose of this project is to raise awareness to an injustice. The Mexican Police Stole my friends precious Pooh Pooh. This wonderful furry side kick was Lewis to Her Clark. My Dear friend Arin Wing is a Care free American that sought a bohemian adventure by living in Tijuana, Mexico. Her Adventure quickly began turning into a nightmare as the local police force continuously harassed her. Her problems with the police escalated when she attempted to move from her apartment. Her landlord called the police because he claimed that she was taking too long, Arin being the Artist that she is has no concept of time. Unfortunately, the police arrived, arrested her, and took away every penny she had. Sadly, her troubles did not end here. The greatest of the tragedies occurred when she was attempting to try a pair of shoes on and sat down on the sidewalk to size them. The police arrested her once more and because she was with her dog at the time, they confiscated the poor animal. She was devastated and when she attempted to reclaim her dog, the police refused to comply. Now, after having her life crumble before her, she was homeless in San Diego, CA. After hearing the tragic news of her Fathers illness, This young Matriarch with her broken heart left empty handed to take care of her ill Father in Texas. The purpose of this project is to raise enough money to bribe the Mexican Police into giving back her beloved Pooh Pooh . This Beautiful being light needs to reunited with her sidekick. She needs your help to get her life back on track. Hey If you have read this far Thank you. Those that can give you will receive my eternal Thanks. If you Can not give please leave Arin any sweet words of encouragement on the comments page of this website that in itself would mean the world to her. Arin has no clue I’m doing this for her so if you would share this story it will mean the world to her. Arin needs to be re united with Pooh Pooh , her beloved companion. She has endured a lot, but with your help, she can move forward. This Amazing lil puppy needs to be home with Mommy. Please keep her in your thoughts and Prayers and thank you for taking the time to read this. What are you still doing here leave Arin a Comment 🙂 Shalom Podcast of the interview Download:


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