For three decades at least, researchers have been aware of the synergistic effect of combining antioxidants. The original observations were made when food scientists were exploring the use of natural antioxidant additives to extend the shelf-life of fatty foods. It was discovered that certain polyphenol compounds increased the time that added antioxidants, such as BHT, were effective in protecting foods from oxidation. Out of this work came the suggestion that, while individual antioxidants were unable to increase the plasma antioxidant capacity (PAC), certain combinations showed increases out of proportion to their in vitro individual responses, i.e., they were synergistic. In the light of significant failure to show increased PAC for individual in vitro antioxidants, the search is continuing for stimulants and synergists that might help to explain the elusive mechanism of the therapeutic activity of antioxidant-rich foods. Podcast of the interview Download:


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