Muhammad bin Salman Slaps Biden a Second Time


Muhammad bin Salman Slaps Biden a Second Time

Although the correct word should have been ‘outsmarted’ Biden, I deliberately refrained from using it because anyone can outsmart Joseph ‘Benedict’ Biden; hence the word slap is much more appropriate in this case.

It should be very embarrassing that an upstart young Arab is able to undermine allegedly -the most powerful leader in the world, with fifty years in politics  – twice in a few weeks

While Biden was declaring enmity towards Saudi Arabia for cutting down oil production by 2,000,000 barrels a day – because of economic factors of Supply and Demand that are obviously beyond the comprehension of Biden and his advisers – Muhammad bin Salman, was able to intercede, allowing an important exchange of prisoners of war between Russia and Ukraine.

While Biden and his geo-politically clueless Democrats are ratcheting up the confrontation with Saudi Arabia – because they are rightly frightened that the forthcoming oil cut will increase the price of fuel at the pump during the November elections, thus adversely impacting how financially suffering Americans will vote – Muhammad bin Salman has offered the one of a kind aid deal in the history of Islam to a Christian country.

Once more I need to point out the obvious: I would like American voters, to understand that Biden had asked Muhammad bin Salman only to DELAY the cut before the November elections, so that it will not affect voting. He is not at all concerned whatever the fuel price at the pump will be after the elections. His intention is not at all patriotic; it is selfish, duplicitous, perfidious and disloyal.

I need to emphasise how singular this act is by one of the most Fundamentalist Muslim countries towards a Catholic Christian one.

I hope someone will correct me to show when and which country ever gave substantial financial aid to any Christian country in the last 100 years, because invariably, it is Christian countries that give aid and support to Muslim countries in distress.

I must emphasise once more, that Biden, Obama and the Democrats, have been double-crossing and betraying not only Saudi Arabia per se, but all the Sunni Gulf states, by their relentless support of the terrorist anti-American theocratic and despotic Ayatollahs’ regime without once considering their reasonable fear and distress from the hostile actions and publicly declared intents of the extremely corrupt Shia terrorist Muslim regime in Iran.

Biden is relentless with his treasonous and treacherous attempt to come to what is and will continue to be, an extremely useless and one sided ‘Nuclear deal’ that is totally advantageous to the Ayatollahs – and their proxy terrorists in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Lebanon and Gaza – with not a single advantage for the USA.

It is because of the last reason, that I call Biden’s actions treasonous and treacherous – aiding and abetting a mortal enemy of the American people – for which, he should be impeached and when convicted, should be removed from office and put in prison. After all, the Democrats are the ones who repeatedly declare to the American people that “No one is above the law”. Therefore, I sincerely hope they will be held to abide by the law.

America Out Loud deals only with facts and truths that can easily be double checked. We must be even more relentless in repeating these truths as the Democrats and their stooges in the Fake Media are incessant in peddling their mendacities. Our repetition is extremely important to keep correct conclusions and ideas continually fresh in the minds of our readers.

As per our previous article on Muhammad bin Salman, he is most assuredly turning into a very worthy adversary to Biden, who can be rightly labelled ‘Biden’s Nemesis’.

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