N. Korea Threatens US Nuclear Strike


N. Korea Threatens US Nuclear Strike

North Korea threatened “indiscriminate” nuclear strikes against South Korea and the US mainland, as the two allies prepared to kick off large-scale joint military drills.

It came just days after leader Kim Jong-Un ordered the country’s nuclear arsenal to be placed on standby for use “at any moment,” in response to tough new UN sanctions imposed over the North’s fourth nuclear test in January and last month’s long-range rocket launch.

While the North is known to have a small stockpile of nuclear warheads, experts are divided about its ability to mount them on a working missile delivery system. Is this something that should elevate concern in the US?

Donald Mazzellais a Political and Terror Expert, COO of Information Strategies, Inc. and Author of many books including “An American Family Sampler.” He has the insight to break down the constant threat of North Korea and how the fear of a nuclear attack continues to mount.

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* Why is the constant threat of a nuclear attack on our radar?

* How can the US protect against such an event?

* Why does North Korea pose a big problem for the US?

* Will there ever be peace among both parties?

About Donald Mazzella:

Donald P. Mazzella is a Political and Lifestyle Expert, who has been seen on MSNBC, Bloomberg and in WSJ (Wall Street Journal). He is COO of Information Strategies, Inc., a company that helps business managers improve profits. He currently oversees a print and Internet publication network centered around Small Business Digest with more than 3.2 million opt-in small business readers and healthcare industry stakeholders. As a reporter, he has covered national and international events. He has held senior-level positions at McGraw-Hill, Thomson, and Essence Communications. Mr. Mazzella holds BA, MA and MBA degrees from NYU and has taught at that university as well as others. He has authored several books including his newest, “An American Family Sampler,” which is making plenty of waves throughout the publication sector.

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