Nasrim Mohammadi


Nasrim Mohammadi

Ideas and Lashes: The Prison Diary of Akbar Mohammadi

This book is about a young man (Akbar Mohammadi), a student at Tehran university get arrested during the student uprise in July 1999. His only crime was defending the basic human rights in Iran. He was encarserated, tortured and eventually killed in prison after seven years He talks in his memoire about the barbaric torture and treatment imposed upon political prisoners in Iran by the Islamic regime in Iran. After his death, his sister (Nasrin Mohammadi) picks up where he left off and tell the world about her brother. She talks about how the family could coup with this extremely difficult situation Akbar was a follower of Gondhi and Martin Luther King and belived in Non-Violant movement.
Date Recorded: 2/11/2013

Podcast of the interview Download:


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