Neil McNerney


Subject: Homework Anxiety!

It’s Back-To-School time again. Time to play that family game of ‘homework anxiety’. The kids cringe and groan, the parents try to help…and then freak out!

Looks like it’s gonna be a long school-year … Is there a better way

Many parents freak out about their children’s schoolwork these days because they are taking their children’s schoolwork too personally.

Many parents have lost perspective of their role when it comes to their children’s academics.

Neil McNerney is a Licensed Counselor, Certified Parent Coach, Professional Trainer, Community Speaker, & Author.
He has worked with parents for 25 years as a school counselor and in private practice in Reston, VA. Neil serves on the faculty of the Virginia Tech Graduate School of Marriage and Family Therapy, where he teaches courses on counseling children and their parents.

Neil has spoken nationally to hundreds of schools, where he to thousands of parents and staff on the topics of parenting, discipline, homework, the teenage brain, and leadership.

Neil and his wife, Colleen, have two children, Max 13, and Shannon 11. His kids provide him with plenty of opportunities to be humble and to remember how hard parenting can be. If there was one piece of advice Neil could pass on to every parent.

Date Recorded: 8/21/2012

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