Patches of History: Special Edition


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About Allan K. Patch:
Retired USN Captain Allan Patch grew up in Plymouth, Mass with a family history that
dates back to coming over from England in 1623; leading to his fascination with the
heritage of our nation. Allan earned degrees from Boston College and from Tufts
University. He then spent over two decades in the Navy, deployed in both Navy
hospitals and in active duty with the Marine Corps; and then in the Naval Reserve.
Allan Patch’s fast paced adventure novels bring history to life in the Delphi series.
Passage At Delphi is the first novel in the series exploring the confluence of the past,
present, and future with ordinary people tossed into extraordinary situations.
Delphi’s Chosen continues the adventure…but now the characters are volunteers rather
than victims. He invites readers along for the thrilling ride and explores the difference
between heroism and celebrity in the context of past and present culture.
Journey from Delphi completes the series with hi adventure, twists and turns, and a
conclusion that will leave the reader thinking…

Passage At Delphi , Delphi’s Chosen and Journey from Delphi are available at Amazon,
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