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Phil Cioppa

(Bridgeport, CT)- Cultural and Financial Pundit, Phil Cioppa who is also an expert on the global economy wrote a book titled “My Views on Today’s Economy”. That book was voted number one pick on Book Daily and Philly Book Club as a top read in their business and investing section.

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His book is a collection of thoughts and blogs by nationally-syndicated radio host and global economic expert, Phil Cioppa. In this book, he tackles emerging economies, Wall St. greed, governmental regulation and personal finance. The goal is for the reader to make a connection between that which is happening globally and nationally with his/her own pocketbook.

With the economy so unstable in the current market it’s hard to decide what to do with your money. People are going in debt just to make ends meet which puts a serious burden on the individual. By understanding what’s going on around us economically, we can foresee the future and make sound decisions towards savings, investing and planning for our retirement. This book helps iron out those particular situations.

Since his book voted number one pick on these two particular outlets it proves that the economy is a top concern our minds. This proves that “My Views on Today’s Economy” explains the complex financial realm and the global market and how they co-mingle with each other and how that impacts our pocket books.

His book can be found on, Barnes and Noble, and other top book retail outlets.

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Date Recorded: 7/7/2012

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