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Once upon a time – 2005 to be specific – Academy Award Nominee Roger L. Simon got together with Charles Johnson (the blogger behind Little Green Footballs) and Glenn Reynolds (the blogger behind Instapundit) to create a new blog that would shed light on issues important to Americans through insightful reporting, commentary and analysis. The mainstream media tried to dismiss them as disgruntled people blogging in their pajamas. They rejected the evaluation but adopted the name, and PJ Media was born. What began as an online blog site in 2005 has grown into the must-read website you are visiting today. Renamed PJMedia in 2011, this is the place where you will find news delivered in its most insightful form. Read the exceptional reporting of our influential bloggers including Victor Davis Hanson, Michael Ledeen, Claudia Rosett, “Spengler” David Goldman and many more. And check out our lineup of PJ Columnists including Zombie, Barry Rubin, Roger L. Simon and Stephen Green where their take on a story is often comical but always right to the heart of the matter. Don’t miss the PJ Tatler for breaking news and gossip from inside the beltway. And consult PJ Lifestyle for the latest on TV, music, movies, fashion, technology and food. At last count, 1.4 million unique visitors come to www.PJMedia.com each month and consume 20 million page views of our content. And those big numbers keep getting bigger. We want to count you in that number too. So, enjoy today’s visit, and come back often. There’s one more big idea we want to share with you. Beyond covering and commenting on the news, PJ Media is on a mission. We call it voices from a free America. Our voices work to … • keep speech free in our society and media, • ensure free thinking in our schools and media, • encourage a free and prosperous economy, • rid our children of massive government debt and an overreaching government, • and defend, protect and preserve what made, and will continue to make, America great. Add your voice to ours.

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