Podcast: 11/14/2018


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Chris A Jones: Author
*Sal-Sal is the author of a best-seller, “Behind the Laughter, Hidden Tears,” which sums up his life…

As a kid growing up in the East, he always wanted to be in showbiz but he had to climb many hurdles…ask
him how he did it…he had a flair for comedy,so, naturally, he wanted to make people laugh…what steps did
he have to take to reach his destination as a top-flight entertainer, mostly as a comedian?

He got a lot of training breaking in his comedy act in the famous Borscht Belt of New York state…ask him
to tell us a bit about the Borscht Belt…did he meet a lot of established stars hanging around the Borscht
Belt? How did his wife help him with his career?