Rick Jetter 8/22/2016


Dr. Jetter is a leading Educational Consultant, Motivational Speaker, and Multi-Genre Author. He is a former teacher, assistant principal, principal, assistant superintendent, and superintendent of schools with over 17 years of experience in the field of education. His first three books were written within a seven-month time frame, all of which were picked up by three different reputable publishers as a result of his first crack at turning his ideas into both fiction and non-fiction books.

Dr. Jetter is also currently working on seven new books, entitled:
1. The School Leader’s Dunk Tank: How to Prevail in Your Career While Others Want to See You Drown
2. The Dunk Tank for Kids: How to Succeed in School and Life While Other Kids are Messing Around
3. The Dunk Tank for Teens: How to Make Good Decisions While Other Teens Might Be Making Bad Ones
4. Using Authentic Stories for Wonder, Reflection, and Change in Our Schools
5. Stories from the Playground: How Kids Use Narratives to Help Educators Solve REAL Problems in Schools
6. Underwater /adj./, the sequel to the middle grades novel, entitled The Isolate /n./
7. Chester’s Underwater Smartphones, a children’s picture book illustrated by Liliana Mora

Dr. Jetter has also successfully worked with other authors on their ideas and creative concepts by offering book-concept strategies through his own coaching and unique analysis.

Dr. Jetter is the founder and lead consultant at RJ Consultants. For more information about Dr. Jetter and his contributions to K-12 schools, writers, and authors, please visit: