Power to Quit


Our Mission

Our mission at Power To Quit is to create easier, more affordable solutions for addiction and mental health recovery. We have worked together to create 5 online recovery programs including: Alcohol, Substance Abuse, Pornography, Anxiety & Depression, and Eating Disorders/ Obesity. Each day we work towards making our programs more effective and more affordable to eliminate the need to go to a high priced residential treatment center. We believe at Power To Quit that recovery should be available for everyone and anyone who seeks it.

Our History

Each member of our staff knows personally how damaging the affects of addiction can be on both yourself and the family. The founders of our company battled addiction for years until finally reaching sobriety. Once reaching sobriety they set out on a mission to create a solution to eliminate the inconvenience and high costs of residential treatment centers. For years the staff of Power To Quit has worked on creating our effective online recovery programs to finally give a better solution to recovery for those who cannot affordable to go to a residential treatment center. Our programs are done online in the privacy of your own home, we also have professional life coaches to help coach you and guide you every step of the way. With Power To Quit, recovery is finally made simple.

Our Programs

Each of our programs is offered in an individual and family recovery version. While the individual program focuses on finding sobriety in the addict, the family program focuses on repairing the damaged caused by the loved ones addiction. With our programs you can restore the happiness and sobriety back into your family and home. Our programs are affordable fast acting and very accessible. Having our program accessible virtually anywhere teaches you have to move away from your addiction while also helping elimintate everyday triggers.

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