Radomir Luza


Info from Radomir Luza – 2nd guest Monday

404-page EROS OF ANGELS, my latest and 26th, collection of poetry and prose

EROS is a tribute to Los Angeles, every nook, corner and cranny.

The book underscores one man’s journey from the sidewalks, streets and shelters of the City of Angels to a life rich in creation, religious and spiritual faith and the wandering muse of longing, laughing and living.

In other words, a trip from skid row to literary row.

The book lists for $27.95 on Amazon.com., but I usually sell it for $15.00.

EROS OF ANGELS was displayed at both the LA Times Book Festival and the recent Publisher’s Book Association at McCormick Place in Chicago, the country’s largest trade show.

It is a Local Authors Selection at Vroman’s Bookstore in Pasadena, where it was featured in a sole reading two weeks ago.

The tome, then, is, if nothing else, the story of a triumph over remarkable odds.

The tale of a poet who never gave up on himself, his work or his city, and in so doing crafted a unique and rare soundtrack to the sights and sounds of his heart and soul and that of the world around him by merely listening and writing.

Check-out the book’s website at Eros of Angels