4 hours after pandering at the Jewish rally Schumer voted against aid for Israel in the Senate

Christopher Wray and Mallorca have warned us there may be some lone wolf attacks coming in America, Well, Next Terror Attack in America will not be from a “Lone Wolf” Jihadist. You cannot be a Lone Wolf if you belong to a group of millions; carrying out their Agenda. “Lone Wolf” has always been used as a cover-up for Jihad. An attack won’t be a “man-made disaster”, “workplace violence” or a “Lone Wolf”. It will be Jihad

Islam is the largest Supremacy group in the history of the world.

They carve out ” Special Treatment” wherever they go.

Obama/Biden brought millions of Muslims in to this country without determining if they are Sharia compliant, and therefore disloyal to America. Obama scolded America saying “This Is Not Who We Are”. Meanwhile, it was Obama who frauded everyone about “who he is”.

The baby torturers accuse Israel of wanting Genocide. But the only genocide would be if Israel were to lay down her weapons. //