syndicated Radio talk show host


Phil Cioppa

Host of the nationally syndicated Phil Cioppa Show

· Global Economic Expert that’s appeared on national TV shows as an economic expert such as The Tom Sullivan Show (Fox News Channel),, the Jim Bohannon Show, America in the Morning with Jim Bohannon, and The Leslie Marshall Show

· Author of various book titles such as “Wake Up America! The World Is In Your Wallet!” and he’s co-authoring a fiction novel with Michael Loyd Gray, a published author, which will be done by December, 2012.

· A regular contributor to

· Managing Principal and Chief Investment Officer of a financial planning firm based in CT.

· Specializes in asset management strategies, insurance planning and taxation issues

· Former Catholic Priest for 18 and a half years

Date Recorded: 6/13/2012

SITE: Site

Podcast of the interview Download:


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