the multi-talented Mike Flint, the producer and collaborator (with author Robert Gandt)


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Mike, you’ve had a lot to do with the international success of the book, “Angels in
the Sky,” which is now the No. 1 seller in Israel…and you’ve just returned to the U.S.
from a promotional tour in Israel

But let’s start at the beginning with this book…I understand your Dad was the inspiration
for getting the book started–tell us how…what was his background?

I understand, Mike, you worked at Paramount PIctures in Hollywood for several years as
a story editor, so you had a good grasp of what are the winning qualities for a book, right?

In essence, Mike, you are the creator of the book and worked as the collaborator with author
Robert Gandt–what was his background in the literary world?

The book has an interesting sub-title: How a Band of Volunteer Airmen Saved the New state of
Israel…from attacking foes, I assume–neighboring countries that wanted to wipe out the state
of Israel…it’s an amazing story that airmen, Jewish and non-Jewish,from several countries
rallied to fight for Israel and eventually conquer the Arabic enemies

so, Mike, when did the book first come out? What year? What was the initial reaction?

What about the book becoming a movie? What progress has been made in this direction?

Several weeks ago you went to Israel to help promote the book there since it was translated
into Hebrew and seemed to be a natural for the population there…everybody seems to think
“Angels in the Sky” really does read like a World War II thriller, right?

Is making a movie really about raising the money first for the production of it?

What are you doing now to make sure the book does actually become a movie? And who
would like to see as the stars?

I’m told every word in this book is true, correct?

The book is a great accurate account of saving the state of Israel in 1948. What else are you very
proud of in relation to the book?

Good luck, Mike Flint, with all your efforts with the book and giving full credit to all the volunteers
from all the different countries. Credit where credit is due.