The New Playbook Trump is Using and Why It’s Working


When asked during a 1988 interview with Oprah if he would ever consider running for president, Donald Trump replied, “Probably not.” When pressed further on the question, he continued, “I do get tired of seeing what’s happening with this country and if it got so bad, I would never want to rule it out totally.”

For decades, Trump has been mouthing off about the economy and our so-called incompetent leaders, and a number of times, he has toyed with a presidential run. But did anyone ever take him seriously? We do now.

That’s because despite his tendency to put his foot in other people’s mouths, his sea of critics, his controversial comments, and perhaps some of his unpresidential ways, all he does is win. So, how did Donald Trump go from the man whose campaign most of the media has considered a “sideshow,” to single-handedly clearing out the once-crowded Republican field?

Enter: Geoff Blades, former Goldman Sachs banker turned advisor to Senior Wall Street Executives and CEOs and author of the new book, The Trump Presidential Playbook: A Wizard’s Path to the White House.

His bid for the Oval Office might ultimately fail,” says Blades, “but for now this man without any political experience has done something virtually miraculous by becoming the likely nominee of the Republican Party. Whether Trump is, like most politicians, peddling false hope or whether he will be a catalyst of positive change, it’s too early to tell, but one thing we do know: Trump is convinced he would be a phenomenal president. And so are millions of Americans, as well.”