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The Jiggy Jaguar Radio Show {Date:6/1/2012}

Yup, you read that right… it’s a Thursday, but a double dose of LIVE programming here at WFFR – Starting of with Rick filling in for Jiggy on the Jiggy Jaguar show, as Jiggy heads off to cover concerts.. Rick has some guests, who is on deck?
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Guest : Pete Trabucco
What is more frustrating than getting held up at the airport on your way to your vacation or getting there and it not being what you expected? It can be a stressful time as we try to pack the right items to avoid unwanted delays at the airports as well as trying to pick the best places to visit for our vacations. With the myriad of vacation destinations, where do we begin to find those amazing summer locations and once we decide where to go, how do we make sense of all the TSA regulations that tell us what to pack and what to leave home?

Guest: Dr. Damon Noto
New advances in medical research have provided specialized doctors with the ability to use your body’s own stem cells to heal itself. This eliminates the use of sometimes controversial embryonic stem cells. And best of all, this truly remarkable scientific breakthrough is now available to everyone.
Dr. Noto is among just a few dozen doctors who are currently using this latest advancement in stem cell therapy in both cosmetic and medical applications. What is amazing is that it’s the patient’s own stem cells that can both make them look 10 years younger and repair joint or spine damage.

Guest: Trisha Ventker
Trisha grew up on Long Island, New York with three older brothers. Trisha Ventker, formerly Trisha Small, endured twelve years of Catholic school to graduate from Holy Trinity High School with the class of 1984. Finding herself attending Nursing school at Nassau Community College, Trisha realized Nursing in ICU wasn’t her calling. Once matriculated at SUNY Old Westbury, she focused her energy on her childhood dream – becoming a teacher. After graduating in 1988 with a BS in Education, Trisha landed a teaching position at an elementary school in Levittown, Long Island. Trisha then went on to achieve her MS as a Reading Specialist from Adelphi University, Garden City. She has taught hundreds of children over the last eighteen years.

Guest: Heidi Thompson
Heidi wrote her book to share a simple, yet powerful, technique that is profoundly effective for achieving inner calm and mental focus. With society’s growing stress, depression, illness, distraction, addictions, addictions, and social problems, it is essential that every person find a way to develop inner peace. And, as a parent herself, Heidi understands that parents especially want to help their children grow to be strong, happy, and loving. She knows the difficulties of raising children in this modern world and believes that others share the concerns she addresses in her book and in interviews.

Guest: Robert Mazur
Mr. Mazur is a graduate of Wagner College, Staten Island, NY. In July of 1998, he retired from a 27-year career as a federal agent. During his government career, he was a Senior Special Agent with three federal agencies (IRS – Criminal Investigation Division, U.S. Customs Service, and the Drug Enforcement Administration). Mr. Mazur is a court certified expert in the fields of money laundering and international drug trafficking. He has attained this certification in the federal criminal courts of both the U.S. and Canada.

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