USA & France’s Election


USA & France’s Election

What can Americans learn from France’s latest election, if anything?

There were several contestants to president Macron, who won 58% of the votes. Two of the most relevant were Marine Le Pen (Rightist 41.5%); Jean-Luc Mélenchon (Leftist).

Although Le Pen lost, she actually increased her voter support by a substantial 10% from 2017. Le Pen suffers from Le Pen Derangement Syndrome by the Fake French Media. It is true of course that she is a strong nationalist and against Islamic supremacism, within France; but she is not anti-Muslims.

Like myself, Le Pen is against Allah’s Sharia with all its sickening aspects, but the Fake Media twists and contorts it to make Le Pen rejected by French voters, with amazing success. After all, just as Sharia is the nemesis of the US Constitution, Sharia is totally and irreversibly against all French laws.

Although Emmanuel Macron is the first president in modern history who was elected twice to the presidency, he won because millions of French people would rather vote for him than allow Marine le Pen to become president.

This election is not the end of the political drama, because Jean-Luc Mélenchon is a formidable opponent who is asking the French electorate to vote him in as prime minister.

Just like the USA has the November 22 midterm elections, France has a similar one in June 12/19 of 2022 for the legislative elections, which will decide how much of President Emmanuel Macron’s agenda will he be able to pass depending on which party’s representatives will be elected.

His opponents, Far-right Marine Le Pen and veteran leftist Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who finished second and third in the first round of voting, both hope to mobilise voters to form a strong parliamentary opposition to the freshly re-elected president.

Many of these voters – especially the millions who chose the far-left candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon – now want their revenge on the newly re-elected head of state.

Both of them have exhorted their followers to exert every effort to win the ‘third’ election in June.

It is not impossible – but highly improbable – that if all those on the right – those who fear that Islam will dominate France – coalesce into a bloc, they can be a formidable opposition to Macron.

After all, Quran ignorant Macron – like most of the elites in Europe and USA – has erroneously and very delusional suggested to make Islam adhere to French norms. He intends to ‘moderate’ Islam, as if such attempts had not been tried in the last 1400 years and failed catastrophically, every single time.

Most French people appreciate that unemployment is no longer a main issue, largely because of Macron’s reforms. They believe he handled Covid with competence, and they agree that he has so far been able to control inflation. They also are proud to recognise Macron as a leader, who can more than hold his own on the international stage.

Comparing the above with Biden, except for 42% of brain dead American voters, most Americans know that Biden has not controlled Covid under his watch – in fact more died under him than under Trump. Unemployment in the USA is still nothing to be proud of and inflation is not only the highest in over 40 years but keeps on increasing in spite of Biden’s repeated asinine assertions that it is ‘temporary’ or ‘transitional’ or ‘Putin’s fault’; never once admitting any of his failures.

As far as the world leadership is concerned, not only does Biden not have the respect of any important leader on the world stage, he – and the USA – have become the butt of jokes all over the globe. So much so, that Saudi TV made a SNL skit with Biden & Kamala (president and vice) as a subject of derision.

Hence logically – in a dangerously irrational American mindset at the moment –  Americans voting in November 2022 should not find an iota of grace in Biden’s administration or his Democrat supporters so far. Every single item he put his mind to, turned into dust even if it was originally made of black gold.

Will enough disenchanted ‘undecided’ vote GOP? Will more Blacks, Asians and Hispanics who are suffering inflation and loss of earnings wake up to these realities? These questions will only be answered after the results come out.