We Won’t Get Fooled Again: It’s Who’s at the Top of the Ticket that Counts Co-authors of provocative new book remind conservatives to hold Romney accountable


We Won’t Get Fooled Again:

We Won’t Get Fooled Again:
It’s Who’s at the Top of the Ticket that Counts
Co-authors of provocative new book remind conservatives to hold Romney accountable

Conservatives and liberty-loving patriots learned four years ago with John McCain that it’s whose at the top of the ticket that counts. Sure, Sarah Plain was a champion of the Republican grassroots, but after giving a dynamite speech at the 2008 convention the McCain campaign did everything it could to reign her in and diffuse what made her a bonus for the ticket in the first place.

Is Mitt Romney repeating the same script in 2012 with Paul Ryan? Conservative best-selling author Gregg Jackson, and nationally-syndicated radio host Steve Deace, are the co-authors of the provocative book We Won’t Get Fooled Again: Where the Christian Right Went Wrong and How to Make America Right Again. They think the answer to that question could be yes unless conservatives who are excited by Ryan being on the ticket hold Romney accountable.

“From almost the moment they announced Ryan was on the ticket you could see the etch-a-sketch campaign trying to distance itself from Ryan’s budget plan, which doesn’t go nearly far enough in addressing the mess we’re in, but is at least a good first step in the right direction,” Jackson said. “Sadly, this is all too typical of Romney. As we document over and over again in our book, Romney either takes the wrong position, like he did with Chick-fil-a, or he takes the right one until it starts to upset the very liberals we’re trying to defeat. The irony here is Ryan’s plan, while not bold enough, at least gives Obamney something to contrast himself with Obama. Romney should be taking liberal attacks on Ryan as a sign he might actually be on the right track, because if you’re offending the people openly trying to destroy the country that’s a good sign.”

Ryan’s congressional pro-life record is solid, and with one notable exception his record on pro-family issues is equally so. And while he’s voted for way too much big government in his career, he’s also best known for his plan to address America’s budget crisis. In short, Ryan is everything Romney is not. Will Ryan be allowed to positively influence the GOP’s milquetoast ticket, or is this a Palin redo? See that as a desperate plea by a Republican establishment nominee to salvage his campaign by acquiring a conservative “ghetto pass”?

“If conservatives in the grassroots allow Romney to minimize Ryan’s influence and runaway from Ryan’s budget plan they can look forward to Obama in the White House for the next four years,” Deace said. “Liberty-loving patriots need to hold Romney’s feet to the fire, and force him to recognize this election is now about the Ryan budget whether Romney wants it to be or not. The media and the Obama Regime won’t have it any other way, so if Romney wasn’t going to defend Ryan’s plan then why put him on the ticket? Instead, Romney should use Ryan’s plan to his advantage and make the case to the America people we are going to become bankrupt without what Ryan is suggesting. Otherwise, leave it to the Republican establishment to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory yet again.”

Date Recorded: 8/22/2012

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