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Wednesday TalkRadioX / KjagRadio / FFR programming, LIVE at 5pm eastern!

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Submitted by SentaiRick on Tue, 05/01/2012 – 23:25
Rick’s filling in for Jiggy on Humpday 5pm eastern to 7pm eastern – What’s on deck?
(Updated 1:30pm eastern , 5/02)

Pavlina Osta
Being young, talented, and ambitious are often times a recipe for success, and Pavlina Osta is no stranger to success. She is a fourteen year old entertainer, whose passion for music and performing has brought inspiration to other kids through her confidence and ability to achieve goals at such a young age. Letting kids everywhere know that with hard work, passion, and the willingness to never give up, dreams do come true. Osta is also the youngest radio show host in the country, using her show as a platform to interview other kids, and numerous celebrities about topics that our important to kids.

John Taglieri
Singer / songwriter John Taglieri has always done things his own way. He’s taken the DIY concept to the ultimate extreme, releasing eight albums solely on his own terms – and he’s been nothing but successful. How does one measure success, though? Is it gold and platinum awards? Is it fame on a global basis? Is it riding a tour bus or being a household name? How about the fact that being a touring musician as your day job pays your bills, you get to travel the world, and share stages with some of the biggest idols of your life?

Noel Flasterstein
In the ongoing story of Trayvon Martin, Governor Rick Scott has convened a panel to study Florida’s controversial “Stand Your Ground” law. A law adopted by several other states and currently under legislative consideration in several more. Florida State Senator Chris Smith is convening his own Task Force due to “delays” in Gov. Scott’s Panel.Since the shooting of Trayvon Martin the law has become the subject of national debate. Law Enforcement officials in Sanford claim the “Stand Your Ground” law prohibits the arrest of Mr. Zimmerman. Many believe this law allows gun owners to evade arrest when they shoot some by simply claiming they feel “threatened” “Not so,” says “Stand Your Ground” Attorney Noel Flasterstein who believes the law is just and should be enacted in every state, notwithstanding the tragedy of the Trayvon Martin case.

Thomas Carvey
Thomas is a bassist/saxophonist living and creating music in VT. He loves to talk music as much as he love to play it. Looking to network, create, and talk music.

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