Why Muslim Women Join Terror Groups


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Guest Opportunity: Farhana Qazi – Islamic World Expert, Former CIA Analyst and Best-Selling Author of the soon released (September 2018) “Invisible Martyrs: Inside the Secret World of Islamic Female Radicals”

Hundreds of young women worldwide have been recruited to the Islamic State cause as so-called Jihadi brides, few of them returning home.

ISIS terror thugs have released a sickening set of rules for women who want to wage jihad – including detailed guidelines for when she has permission to become a suicide bomber. Women are told they may train in combat and exercise, but only if they cover their bodies and do it away from men. As Jihadi Brides grow in number, are their attacks becoming more sophisticated?

Islamic World Expert Farhana Qazi is an American Scholar and Public Speaker who has spent nearly twenty years studying conflicts in the Islamic world and working with local communities to counter violent messaging and recruitment. She is able to relive her experiences as a former CIA analyst and what it has taught her about the extreme world of terror. Qazi is well known for her documented work during the conflict in Kashmir and the impact of trauma and war on women.

Meet Farhana Qazi:
Farhana Qazi is an award-winning speaker and scholar on conflicts in the Muslim world. Her research covers political Islam, the origins of violent extremism and women in war.

For nearly twenty years, she has traveled throughout the Muslim world to understand local drivers of extremism and the roots of conflict. She offers training courses to the U.S. Government and military on various aspects of Islam and radical Islam. She addresses the worldwide threat and offers sound solutions.

For her service to the U.S. military, she received the 21st Century Leader Award, presented by the National Committee on American Foreign Policy in New York. And the Distinguished Humanitarian Award for her research on women in war from Southwestern University, her alma mater.

She is the author of Secrets of the Kashmir Valley, a human-interest story focused on the protracted conflict between India and Pakistan (2016). Her second book titled Invisible Martyrs: Inside the Secret World of Islamic Female Radicals explores the reasons why Muslim women and girls turn to violent extremism (September 2018). To learn more, visit www.farhanaqazi.com

As an expert on Islam, Farhana has appeared in the mainstream media: CNN, BBC television and radio, Public Broadcasting Service, National Public Radio, Fox News, C-Span, Bloomberg, ABC News, MSNBC, Canadian national television, Voice of America, Al-Jazeera, The Daily Ledger Show and more.

Currently, Farhana is a Gender Instructor at The George Washington Univ. in Washington, DC and offers specialized training to the U.S. Air Force Special Operations School (AFSOC) at Hurlburt Field, FL.