Why The NFL will soon BAN players from protesting…Hint: Follow the Money.


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INTERVIEW GUEST TOPIC: Why The NFL will soon BAN players from protesting…Hint: Follow the Money.

The NFL is a 14 Billion dollar league. The most powerful and richest of the major sports leagues. The league and their owners are in a precarious position. The majority of the owners are against the National Anthem protests privately but like Trump supporters, they are not vocal about it.

Many of them are also big money backers and supporters of President Trump despite their comments to the contrary. Let’s not forget President Trump was once upon a time ONE of them when he was a co-owner of the now defunct USFL’s New Jersey Generals.

According to Forbes Magazine, the average NFL team is valued at 2.37 billion dollars. Each team shares approximately 280 million dollars from sponsorships, ad revenue, ticket sales, merchandising, and NFL packages on Dish, DirectTV and NFL Network.

The average operating costs per franchise is 91.34 million per year.

If NFL fans are not attending games, tickets are not being sold, luxury suites are not being filled, concessions are not being purchased, merchandise is not moving and parking fees are not being collected.

What’s worse, ratings on Television continue to plummet which means less advertisers, smaller licensing agreements, less premium packages, and ultimately less profit sharing. However for the most part expenses will remain the same.

So NFL Franchises have 2 options:
They can sell their Franchises, relocate them, or file bankruptcy.
They can change the rules at the next owners meeting to outlaw protesting while on game time.
The NFL is not going away but the right to protest the National Anthem is. And the poetic justice of these so-called heartfelt protests is that when it’s time for a contract renewals, they’ll be following the money all right. And its path is downward.

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