Zika Virus in the Military


Politcal Analyst and Consevative Columnist

Josh Bernstein

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The number of Zika Cases in US Military Rises to 55 and now has caught the eye of many in the news. In addition, 12 military dependents have been diagnosed with Zika, an increase of five cases over the seven among military dependents reported earlier this month.

Earlier this month, government-funded human trials began on a possible Zika virus vaccine. However, time is of the essence and it now attacking the same people who are defending our nation. How does the military act when a health concern such as the present takes aim at their frontline?

Political Anaylyst Josh Bernstein is available to use his expertiseto elaborate on the latest health threat in our military and how it can impact the frontline.

Josh can now speak to the following questions and observations:

* Why does the Zika virus continue to spread in the military?

* How can the military protect against an outbreak?

* What precautions can they take to minimize the damage?

* Are there protocols in place?

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