TOPIC-NEW YORK, NY – New York-based independent hardcore punk record label, Dead City Records, is proud to announce the digital release of New York Hardcore up-and-comer ABJECT! The five-track EP entitled ‘39 Hours In Bronx Central Booking’ can be purchased digitally through iTunes at: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/39-hours-in-bronx-central/id558294797. The release will also be available as a limited-edition 7” vinyl later in the month on Haunted Hotel and Rockin Rex records. The ‘39 Hours In Bronx Central Booking’ recordings provide an amazing story of one of the most pathetic crimes perpetrated on a band. While driving to practice the entire band was arrested for possession of crack cocaine. The crack was planted in their vehicle by the arresting police officers. The lyrics to this record were written while the entire band was trapped in jail by their accusers. The band was subjected to hell due to some pathetic narcotic cops who needed to meet a quota. The time ABJECT! spent in jail and the false criminal charges is not fiction but a fact that has since been documented by the state of New York. Unleashing a frenzy of heavy fast hardcore and furious riffs ABJECT! is here to document their story and unleash their brand of hardcore on the world.

ABJECT! started out in March of 2011 with dedicated veterans of the New York and Washing D.C. hardcore punk scenes. Built on a desire to speak out against everyday struggles, personal and world-wide alike, they also came together as friends to escape from those same struggles and make some intense sounding hardcore music in the process. While ABJECT! may be expressing angst and rage they also have fun and provide comic relief when they can. As vocalist Jamie states, “You gotta vent, you gotta be aware of what’s going on in your world, but without fun, without making the most of it, life just ain’t worth living.” With countless New York shows and East Coast tours the band has built up a loyal following in the underground. With the ever popular internet explosion the band has taken the opportunity to promote their band while also giving back to the scene with the popular “Abject Deal” video series. This series highlights the state of the world, the state of the punk scene, and includes many high profile musician interviews. ABJECT! is undeniably making their mark in the hardcore punk community.

Date Recorded: 9/24/2012

SITE: Site

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