Design Expert and TV Personality GENEVIEVE GORDER


Design Expert and TV Personality

About Genevieve
Genevieve’s work has been featured in many major publications and she has appeared numerous times on everything from Oprah & Nate Berkus to The View, Today and CNN. In addition, she writes a monthly column for Parents, where she provides answers to readers’ design dilemmas. She has been recognized for her design and television work, including multiple awards for interiors, products, branding, and accolades for her contributions on an Emmy-nominated design series.

A graduate of design from the School of Visual Arts, Genevieve has worked in studios throughout Europe and New York City. Designing everything from products, greeting cards and fashion, she settled comfortably in the world of interiors and design television. Currently, Genevieve designs for her series Dear Genevieve, judges on Design Star and hosts HGTV’s White House Christmas Special. Off air, Genevieve and her studio design a line of rugs, accessories and bedding that is available nationwide. Genevieve resides in Manhattan with her daughter, where she runs her own production company, Two Birds.

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