Guest: R. Scott Anderson


Guest: R. Scott Anderson

Russell Scott Anderson M.D. is a Radiation Oncologist
who serves as the Medical Director of Anderson Cancer
Center in Meridian, Mississippi. He is a former Navy
diver who worked in operations in the Middle East,
Central America, and in support of the Navy’s EOD
community, SEALS, the US Army’s Green Berets, the
Secret Service, and the New York Police Department at
various times during his time in the service.

Dr. Anderson received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, and
his M.D. degree from UA’s School of Medicine in Birmingham.

The father of seven has written the family oriented literary columns Una Voce and The
Uncommon Thread in the JOURNAL of the Mississippi State Medical Association as Scott
Anderson M.D. for the past five years. He has also written as screenwriter R. S. Anderson
on several feature films, and author Russell Scott on his debut novel Time Donors Wanted
(IsoLibris, 2011, Murder Mystery) and forthcoming novel The Hard Times.

Three of Dr. Anderson’s stories in The Uncommon Thread collection were nominated for the
small press Pushcart Prize award.

Having spent some years in San Diego and Virginia Beach, the author lives once again in the
Southeast and has settled for the past twenty years in the state of Mississippi with his wife and

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