NEVER TALK POLITICS…UNLESS: It’s 2012—Keep It Civil With Etiquette Expert’s Advice


NEVER TALK POLITICS…UNLESS: It’s 2012—Keep It Civil With Etiquette Expert’s Advice

TOPIC-Seemingly on nearly every issue anymore, the nation has become more polarized than ever, making it increasingly difficult to talk politics with those who don’t agree with you completely.

Problem is, what also appears to be more true than ever is the public perception that this election year is the most critical in our lifetimes and, indeed, historically pivotal. Politics is foremost in our minds, and trying to persuade the other side is powerfully tempting.
So, what do you do?

You book certified life coach and etiquette expert, Marie Dubuque, on your program. Among her many areas of expertise, Ms. Dubuque is skilled at interpersonal communications. As a guest on your show, she can give your audience some timely “formal” training in the art of political engagement that won’t ruin relationships.

You and your audience will learn:

• What’s the first sign that a “friendly debate” should end?
• What’s the rule about personal space during a debate?
• Is there a difference between a “heated discussion” and an argument? If so, what is it?
• How do you manage a political debate with someone who is more of an emotional sort?
• Why is it that getting angry is an almost surefire way to lose the argument, even if you’re right?
• If the debate does turn into a fight, how do you recover to avoid losing a friend?

—Plus, Ms. Dubuque is always open to take your audience members’ most pressing questions.

Call now for a refreshing interview that is both entertaining and uniquely informative. Ask to schedule Marie Dubuque, author of two new quick-read social etiquette books that are great for brushing up on interpersonal communication: The Party Guest’s Survival Guide and Social Situations 101: From Dodging Boring Cocktail Parties to Dealing with Conniving Relatives…. and Everything in Between.

After your audience gets a sense of how much easier life can be with Ms. Dubuque’s insight, you’ll find they’ll be asking you to have her back again.


Certified as a life coach and the author of seven books, Marie Dubuque is your etiquette/social interaction expert. She is based in St. Louis, Missouri, happily married for 17 years, and loves to write and speak about dealing with “life’s tricky situations,” particularly those that couples and dating singles face. She also is a unique specialist with regard to examining “rudeness in the digital age.”

Ms. Dubuque has appeared on radio stations all across the country and has written articles for more than 100 publications.

For a wide and diverse sampling of Ms. Dubuque’s etiquette advice, visit her YouTube page at:

Or, follow her on Twitter at:

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