PALLYWOOD ON STEROIDS: Man behind Innocence of Muslims Film has background that indicates questionable motives


TOPIC-PALLYWOOD ON STEROIDS: Man behind Innocence of Muslims Film has background that indicates questionable motives In 2006, Boston University professor Richard Landes uncovered a phenomenon known as ‘Pallywood’ in the Middle East. In essence, Palestinians were caught manufacturing staged scenes for cameras and passing them off as news. Landes produced a documentary and was also a witness in a lawsuit in which his findings were successfully used as evidence. Now, an anti-Muhammad film is being pointed to by those with ulterior motives, as the source of rage in the Middle East. However, we’re learning more about the film’s producer and motivations and it may be a new twist on an old Pallywood theme. Ben Barrack, conservative talk show host, writer, and author of the new book, Unsung Davids, says that recent finds by former PLO member Walid Shoebat indicate that the man behind the anti-Muhammad film – Nakoula Basseley Nakoula – is not who he claims to be. In fact, Nakoula is closely connected to Shoebat’s first cousin. “For starters,” Barrack says, “according to Shoebat, his cousin has always hated the Coptic Christians. Yet, he was partners in crime with a supposed Coptic Christian who made this anti-Muhammad film? That makes no sense.” What Landes uncovered when researching ‘Pallywood’ was manufactured news used to push an agenda. “Clearly,” Barrack says, “when you watch Landes’ film, the agenda was to garner international sympathy for the Palestinian cause while demonizing Israel.” If it turns out that the motivation behind Innocence of Muslims was to generate violent protests in the Middle East, it would be Pallywood on steroids, Barrack says. “One thing we do know is that the background of the filmmaker should definitely spurn more debate and investigation.” ABOUT BEN BARRACK… Ben Barrack is an Investigative Radio Host and Blogger who broadcasts in Central Texas. His columns have appeared on Pajamas Media, Human Events, Big Government, World Net Daily and others. Barrack is a strong critic of the mainstream media and supports patriotic and reliable bloggers who do much of the mainstream media’s work at no charge, with little recognition, while earning their living via other mean. Barrack is the author of the upcoming book, Unsung Davids. Date Recorded: 9/5/2012

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