Religion’s Role in Politics


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Guest Opportunity: Kim Polland – Registered Nurse and Author of “I Never Thought It Could Have Happened Book One: The Sisterhood”

Is America undergoing a fundamental change that will re-channel the direction of our country? Are we becoming a secular society?

As politics have taken over national headlines, questions about religious affiliation and calls for candidates to sign pledges supporting religious stances are in the news. One view, attractive to many Americans, holds that religion has no place at all. Is this view correct? Should religious viewpoints, even on moral issues, have any role in our political debate?

Kim Polland can use her background and experiences to help us understand the relationship, if any, between Religion and Politics.

• What should the relationship between Religion and Politics be?
• Why does there seem to be such discord between the religious and the secular?
• Why do people feel religious views can hurt a political campaign?

Meet Kim Polland:

Kim obtained her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from St. John Fisher College in Rochester, NY. Her medical background was drawn to the fore when she found herself stricken with health issues. She decided to write, putting her thoughts onto paper. She moved with her family to Tampa, Florida where she continued to develop writing as a part of her lifestyle change. Kim has since pushed through her illness and several hurdles to publish her first novel. Her 2016 novel “I Never Thought It Could Have Happen Book One: The Sisterhood”has earned her invitations to headline multiple book reads signings.

When Kim is not baking up some goodies in the kitchen she turns her attention over to outdoor gardening, missionary trips, fishing, and trying to learn different languages. She is currently working on her second novel; a sequel to the first. She is also working on a screenplay for the first novel.

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