the multi-talented author, Julie Summers


in recent months, Julie has been extremely busy doing advance promotion
on her book, “Off My Knees: From Skid Row to Sunset Blvd”

this involves guesting on radio shows across the U.S., talking candidly
about her life–being raped, giving up a son for adoption, a life of prostitution,
serving time in jail, being a mistress, associating with the Hell’s Angels, finding her son (who later committed suicide), etc…and then doing an about-face once she got out of prison,
getting into the world of big-time real estate and succeeding in many ways, working
with the Hollywood community and receiving countless awards PLUS working with
youngsters to steer them away from the penal system

Julie has been extremely honest talking to radio hosts–perhaps too honest
at times…ask her what she means by this?

do some hosts probe too deeply into Julie’s life? where should Julie draw
the line in permitting highly personal questions about her life and sexuality?

there are several book publishers vying to sew up a deal with Julie, but she’s weighing
the offers…there is also quite a bit of interest from the movie industry, the studios
and independent producers…how does one close a deal?

Julie will be 70 June 7…she’s very candid and open about her life, the errors she’s made,
the lessons she’s learned…it’ll be interesting