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PUBLIUS GUEST AUTHOR: Allie Bloyd, author of Uncensored America: Thought-Provoking Poetry on Faith, Family, and Freedom.

Defund the police? Critical Race Theory being forced into public schools? Businesses unable to open because they can’t get workers to come back after government assistance?

Allie Bloyd has seen enough.

The conservative commentator and best-selling author of “Uncensored America’” is ready to weigh in a variety of hot topics, including:

-Why Allie is choosing to homeschool her daughter this fall when most other students return to public schools
-How Allie and many other business owners are struggling to find employees willing to come back to work and get off chanced government assistance
-How calls to defund the police have led to a spike in violent crime across the country, and what we should do about it
-Why the current Supreme Court rulings on voting rights and protecting donor lists give her hope

Allie’s book “Uncensored America” has been praised by Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk, achieved bestseller status and has led to Allie’s many appearances on dozens of leading media outlets.

PLUG BOOK: Uncensored America: Thought-Provoking Poetry on Faith, Family, and Freedom


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