Redcalling Music


Red Calling Music

Formed in February 2010, Red Calling is a hard rock band based in Tampa, FL. Each of its four members bring together different backgrounds of music to form a warm and intense sound. With the combined songwriting of Javier Pons (Guitar/Synthesizer) and Jessica Pons (Vocals/guitar/keyboard), and with the technical workings of Luis Pons (Bass/Synthesizer) and drummer Destiny Covault, the lineup was complete. In February 2011, the band released their first E.P , containing the single “Let me fade”. Red Calling has toured central and south Florida, and has opened for nationally acclaimed acts as Lit and Adema. A touch of Deftones, a dash of Lacuna Coil and a heap of Incubus, with lots of piano and synths. From its members to its music, Red Calling is as appealing to listen to, as they are to witness live.
Date Recorded: 9/23/2013

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